Tuesday, July 24, 2012

iLe@rn with Mobile Devices - iPad 2 - Module 2

The second module has been all about learning how to use Safari and looking at some of the built in Apps. Much of the information about Safari I was already familiar with since it is the built in App that I have used the most over the past year. I also share my iPad with family (at little as possible I might add) so have had to set up bookmarks as the pages in Safari are rarely the same when I return to the iPad. One thing I did learn was turning on private browsing, I was unaware that the default setting is to 'Off'.

Other settings I changed were for the Twitter App. It is now a lot easier to send a tweet using the drop down menu in Safari. A colleague @jonesnatalie told me quite a while about the ability to tweet direct from photos but I have been too busy, or lazy, or forgetful to set it up.

It now is.

Another task that was part of Module 2 was to read the iPad manual. There is a section on taking photos and videos, how to edit, where they are located and how to share them between devices. One of the subjects I teach is Visual Arts and for all year groups there's a Blog Assessment task. When students are in the thick of art making they tend to not have as much time and/or opportunity to take photos of the progress of their work to include in their blog. I have in past used the iPad to take photos and videos of their work, downloaded these to my computer and then uploaded to a Google Site they could all access. Although it makes total sense I had not thought about emailing the files directly to students from the iPad.

I will be doing so from now on.

Oh, and the other thing is I am now using an iPad 3 to complete this course and would like to share that ePubs do not work in Chrome, I have had to use Safari to download the course modules. There are a few things that don't work the way they should in Chrome so I assume it the software at fault.

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