Tuesday, August 7, 2012

iLe@rn with Mobile Devices - iPad 2 - Module 4

So I'm back on my iPad2 for this blog post for no reason except that I'm too comfy on the lounge to go to my computer bag and retrieve the iPad3.

I enjoyed Module 4 of the course, not so much because I learned something new, but more that I've been reminded of how useful and easy to use the iPad is for education. The ability to synch using Dropbox and Google Drive is a powerful tool that streamlines my workflow and saves time. And I am all for anything that can create more hours in the day! I have been using dropbox for a while now and am just starting to use Google Drive, which I am finding works intuitively with Google Apps. I haven't had the chance to have students use Google Drive yet as I'm not in the classroom at the moment, but I suspect they will love it and how well it works.

As for annotating PDFs this is some thing I have also been doing for quite some time and prefer to use Good Reader and nei annotate. I find this process especially useful when marking artworks. I don't write on the artworks for obvious reasons but instead make a digital copy of the works and then annotate the works with feedback. I love being able to write on and highlight specific areas on art works and find students more likely to read and respond to feedback that is provided in this way.